The Rocky Mountain Hyperloop will require close collaboration between the public and private sectors comprising a suite of P3s, all working towards the long-term outcome of developing, operating, and maintaining the Hyperloop and integrating it into the fabric of the transportation system.


  • Hyperloop will leverage experience of Colorado‚Äôs agencies with successful implementation of P3s for major infrastructure projects.
  • We will use Planning and Environmental Linkages (PELs) and Environmental Assessment (EA) templates to accelerate the regulatory review process and secure stakeholder consensus early.
  • Hyperloop will attract private investment through implementation of complementary region-wide economic development and land use policy (e.g., establishment of special economic zone near DEN) that will both incentivize investment and facilitate value capture from new growth.

Acceleration Plan

Streamlined Regulatory Process

The Colorado State Government has earned a reputation for its nation-leading approach to accelerating major transportation infrastructure projects in regard to streamlining regulatory processes and implementing P3 models that emphasize transparency, shared risk, and innovative financing.

Value capture Potential

Value capture mechanisms implemented around Hyperloop stations can be used to not only offset the front end costs of developing the infrastructure, but also to provide local jurisdictions with the funding to allow them to offer a suite of incentives for inward investment into employment centers within and around the stations.

A Strong Credit Rating

Public sector involvement in the P3 will lend the project an AAA credit rating, opening the door for institutional investment Furthermore, this allows for the project to access federal financing and funding vehicles, such as TIFIA loans and discretionary infrastructure grants, respectively.



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